Reiki for Health, Healing, and Wellness 

Our lives can be so hectic. You may be feeling drained or stressed out — and want more out of life than you’re getting now. Perhaps you’re suffering from an illness or injury and wish for something to supplement your conventional medical treatment. Or you may be the kind of person who is looking for a more natural approach to health and well-being.

I offer both reasonably priced Reiki Treatments,  as well as Classes in Reiki Training for adults, children, and/or groups in my home near the Robinson/Ikea area of Pittsburgh.

Because Reiki is not regulated in the US, there are as many different types and “flavors” of Reiki as there are stars in the sky. As a member of Key Stone Reiki & Associates – the oldest Reiki Association in Pittsburgh – I keep my Reiki teaching & practice to Reiki Pure & Simple.  Please take the time to read about my professional therapeutic approach in the About Reiki and About Me sections of my website, so you know what kind of Reiki I practice and what to expect from me as a Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher.

I work out of my home, so I don’t have specific “office hours”, but try to be as flexible as possible and offer Daytime, Evening, & Saturday appointment times. Evening and Saturday appointments tend to fill up quite quickly. Please give me a call to schedule an appointment: (412) 331-0308.

Not all Reiki is alike. If you are interested in researching more about the kind of Reiki I teach and practice, please take time to look at my Free Articles page, in which I offer many informative downloadable pdf articles from my particular practice/lineage, my associations, as well as Pittsburgh newspapers.

I look forward to hearing from you!

“These are anxious, stressful times, and many of us are feeling anxious and stressed. Even if you have a health concern such as insomnia, headache, constipation, fatigue, weight gain or back pain, or face a serious challenge such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or epilepsy, you need not suffer. Reiki healing promotes overall balance to help you feel better and function better. This non-invasive practice is safe, and supports any medical treatment or drugs prescribed by your doctor… You can learn to practice Reiki self-treatment, or you can schedule a Reiki healing session. Whichever you choose, Reiki can help you reach your goals. It may not be all that you need, but when you’re feeling better and your thinking is clearer, it’s easier to make other good choices for yourself.Pamela Miles, Reiki Master Teacher and Author